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If you like our services you can and have your own website, community, business or social media channels you can share the word with your readers and and followers. For every referred new customer you are paid a referral fee.

As believe our tools help many creatives to build their audience and sell digital audio items sharing our services can be an intersting option as we pay out
fees from $35 up to $250 per new customer.

Refer items, help creators - earn your share

You can also share items and receive an affiliate fee of 15% from our share. Sharing is a great way to help creators growing their audience and still earn your share. If you run a website, blog or even if you simply refer an item to a friend. Make it count.

General Questions

How can I join the affiliate program

You can create affiliate links within your account. It's free.

Do I need a plan?

No, you can register and use Roqstar as a buyer only and create affiliate links.

How does it work

Every sale is tracked in your affiliate section. If someone creates a subscription with your link, the referal will appear in your affiliate section. After 30 days the status of the referral will appear as "payable" as the customer continous to use the service. Items will be listed several minutes after a referred sale has been done.

How do I get paid?

Once you reach a threshold of $50 you can request a payout. You find this feature in the affiliate section. Simply click request payout form and send us your request. Once it's paid the payment will be marked as paid in your account.

Are there any restrictions?

Some things are not allowed. For examle aggressively market our service to your readers and customers.
As an example: it is an aggressive practice to directly forward users from a domain to our services. We recommend you to read
our "Affiliate Program Terms".

Do you offer any promotional material?

Yes. If you need special promotional material get in touch. We gladly provide the material suiting your your needs. Kindly let us know your ideas.

Affiliate Commissions



Refer a Pro subscriber.



Refer a Business subscriber.

Referred Item


Refer an item of a seller, earn 15% of our commission share.


Start inviting your friends or audience.

Refer subscription plans or items to your audience or friends.


How does it work?

Register as a user.
Fill in your personal information.

Choose an URL of an item you like.
Generate a link for an item you like with our affiliate tool.

Share the generated link on
your website, blog or social media page.

If someone clicks your link and buys a subscription plan or an item
you will earn a commission.

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Sell sounds, beats or stock music, keep your sales
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